This week I had the enormous privilege of attending The Blogcademy – an intense two-day workshop run by a trio of superheroines on a mission to improve the internet, one blogcadet at a time. It was such an incredible experience. I could talk about it for a week, but instead I’ll try and condense it into four wee paragraphs…

1. Inspiration and motivation – from day one. As soon as I signed up for this course I started taking my blog more seriously. I’d committed my time and money and I knew that the headmistresses would be  reviewing my efforts and giving me feedback. Terrifying. Immediately I started thinking about what I’d done right and wrong so far, started posting more often, and considered the ways I could improve my brand, content, and social media use. I’ve also picked up a camera for the first time in years. The simple act of signing up for Blogcademy lit a fire under my arse and it’s stayed there for over two months now. There’s a lot of hard work to be done, but I’m so excited about every single bit of it (even the super technogeek stuff), and right now the possibilities seem limitless.

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2. The awesomest community on the planet. Having met all the other blogcadets via our private facebook page, I knew this was no ordinary bunch of people. I’ve made some fantastic new friends – supportive, respectful, creative forces of nature who are so open and warm and welcoming. It’s been an absolute revelation. I met up with small groups of fellow bloggers twice before the workshop (including this trip to Sketch), I have lunch plans with another group next week, and looking forward we’re planning on a day out in Cambridge as well as regular London meet-ups. I don’t doubt that, should our travels take any of us to the US, we’ll also be connecting with some of the graduates from the NYC, LA or Portland workshops. I’ve never felt so free to be myself, and so able to be the best version of myself, at the same time as being understood and immediately accepted. Blogcadets, you rock my world – this song’s for you (Bite your lip, and take the trip … remember your dream, your only scheme, so keep on pushing):

3. Meeting your heroes – and not being disappointed. The workshop is run by three superbloggers who combined their skills to create a new brand that is greater than the sum of its parts. I discovered Rock n Roll Bride while planning my wedding a few years ago. It’s the brain child of Kat Williams, a woman who found a niche in the market and filled it with personality and pink hair. Through Kat I discovered Gala Darling who promotes ‘radical self love’. She’s even more beautiful in real life, and lovely to boot. In turn through Gala I found Shauna Haider, whose blog promotes her professional career as a designer and branding/marketing specialist, and features personal style articles. She really knows her stuff. All three of these women are brilliant at what they do, and what makes them different is that they don’t mind sharing the wealth. Kat, Gala and Shauna are all so approachable and fun, and there wasn’t a minute of our tea breaks or lunch hours that they weren’t talking to, laughing with, or advising attendees. They even came for a drink with us when it was all over – pretty lovely of them considering how completely exhausted they must have been.  Headmistresses, I salute you, am gonna do my best to make you proud.

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4. Investing in life. Being a bit of a natural cynic, I was a little worried about spending a not-insubstantial chunk of money on a two day course. I need not have feared. This was, and I’m not exaggerating, the best money I have ever spent – an investment in my blog, yes, but much more importantly, in myself. Beyond the incredible workshop (and the amazing goodie bags!) it’s like I’ve been given a key to an alternate world, and I think it’s probably changed my life forever. I came away from it brimming with confidence and positivity. I walked home, late on Thursday night after dinner with new mates at The Breakfast Club, grinning like a baby rockstar. I had a whole new network of awe-inspiring friends and a fresh outlook on life. Friday brought a return to the ‘real world’ of the 9 to 5, but the feelings remained. I beamed my way through my sardine-tin commute and immediately gushed to my colleagues about the whole experience. Then on Saturday morning my husband got back from a week-long business trip and got told about every lesson, every blogcadet, every photo. If they held one of these every week, I’d sign up every week. If you’re thinking about signing up, stop thinking about it! Do it now, hereThe Blogcademy

16 thoughts on “The Biggest, Bestest Bits of The Blogcademy

  1. So pleased to hear that you came away so
    inspired, connected and positive.
    I just wanted to say that your photography is looking beautiful and I love your image layout! x

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    • Woop woop! Bring on round 2! x

      PS: this Sunday will be my 6th meet up with fellow blogcadets in as many weeks. And we’ve not even started planning the Oxford and Cambridge days out yet.

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